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Description of our products

They are made gourmet wheat flour and fried in soybean oil or palm olein, among other natural ingredients that contain no preservatives or colorings. Nourishing with Vitamin A, iron, protein and fat-free and sugar-transferable.

They come in packages of 1.4 ounces, or the equivalent of 40 grams; and 8 ounces, which is equivalent to 226 grams, the latter size called "Family Pack" packaging.

However; There are also packages six packages -that say, a sheath which in turn brings in six individuales- packets ideal for handing one a day for a snack, carry one in your wallet or simply snack in moderation because from now you We make the warning: do not accept lukewarmness PicaExpress products or intermediates: eat one and not stop until you see that there are no crumbs in the background.

That, perhaps due to our variety in flavors that please different palates preferably:

binetaNatural: a body with its own soft but crisp taste. Tasty, but without any seasoning or flavor in particular.

binetaOriginal: with a touch of garlic, for those who prefer something stronger than the natural flavor but without going to extremes of seasons.

binetaAjo unsuitable for those with delusions of vampires or Dracula himself for lovers of that spicy condiment a strong taste and smell, but delicious.

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